SOMNIA is an independent production company based in New York City. Founded by Mitzi Peirone with the aim to challenge our perception of reality, time, and different states of consciousness. 

Music by Cody M Yozipovic, AKA M!NT  | Soundcloud:


About the founder 

MITZI PEIRONE is an award winning screenwriter (International Screenwriters Association) director, model (MSA NY-LA) and painter based in Brooklyn, NY. 
Graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and of NYU - SPS in Screenwriting, Mitzi has been published in Vogue, TriBeCa, Indiewire, C-Heads, YAF, Film Pulse, Daily Street and La Repubblica. 
Born in Turin, Italy, Mitzi was raised in a never ending spring of Expressionism, Greek tragedy, mythology, Romantic poetry, Fauvism, classical music, Surrealistic art and the Existential movement: Sartre, Dostoevsky, Dali, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Camus are some of her strongest influences. Moving to New York exposed her to contemporary art, metaphysics, Buddhism, the theater of the Absurd, electronic music, meditation, quantum physics and cryptocurrency: the latter brought her to the blockchain tech company Consensys. 
Joseph Lubin (CEO and founder of Consensys) and Mitzi have partnered up to fundraise her debut feature film “BRAID” through cryptocurrency on the company’s platform WeiFund. 
At 23 she founded her own production company SOMNIA ( "dreams" in Latin ) and is currently in pre-production for her psychological thriller “BRAID” ; the concept trailer premiered at Art Basel 2015 and it won Indiewire Project of the Week. 
Mitzi also does watercolor hallucinatory painting in collaboration with LA based musician Reed Kraftt aka Dreamers Delight. 
Mitzi Peirone’s message is to show reality as an infinite extension of the human consciousness.