SOMNIA is proud to announce the production of the feature length psychothriller "BRAID"


Two girls try to rob their wealthy yet psychotic friend who lives in a fantasy world by taking part in her deadly perverse game of make believe.


This is the story of Petula Thames and Tilda Darlings, two self proclaimed artists who moved to NYC to follow their dreams and got involved in drug dealing and prostitution instead. One night they lose 80 thousand dollars worth of narcotics and are given 48 hours to pay their vengeful druglord back. The girls leave town to rob their wealthy childhood friend, Daphne Peters, who has grown into a dangerous schizophrenic agoraphobe, prisoner of the fantasy world the three created as children. To take her money, the girls have to take part in Daphne's twisted and violent game of make believe. The three of them quickly descend into a deadly maze of hallucinations, role play, torture and murder.




“Braid” is for everything I fear. “Braid” is the horrifying abyss spiraling between reality and dreams, between who we are and who we want to be. The obscure, ancestral essence of ourselves, our surroundings, our mind, our actions and desires. What happens when fantasy and reality become one. What happens when we realize that everything around ourselves is exactly what we’ve imagined. Reality as an extension of our thoughts, in a world where most everything is invented: society, names, jobs, philosophies, religions, geographical borders, traditions, time. We are adults playing make believe. We are the shadows of our own dreams.

“Braid” is the metaphorical nightmare journey of three heroines going into the underworld of their own self fabricated fears, doubts and unfulfilled ambitions. This infernal wonderland keeps them trapped, just like we let our psychological ghosts keep us prisoners of the made up worlds we strategically created for ourselves. To stay safe in our own small fabrications. To keep us from diving into the limitless unknown, where it’s all up to us.

“Braid” was conceived to help people live better, changing their perspective on their own dreams and the power of imagination.

Mitzi Peirone (Writer/Director)